Weekly Events

Saturday and Sunday
$2.00 Breakfast-2 Eggs, 2 Bacon, 2 toast
Food Specials
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Special Events

Honor Our Heroes

Sept 10, 2016

  • Blood Drive
  • Reception Tables
  • Honor Ceremony
  • Live Music


White Clover soon to be announced

AMVETS General Meeting Schedule

Next Meetings:2nd Saturday of the Month at 10:00am

Memorical Day was a big success

Thank You to all that worked so hard to make it that way

Easter Egg Hunt at Hopkins Park was a big success.

Post 90 Ladies Auxiliary Established Feb 13, 2016
  • 36 Founding Members were confirmed by the State
  • Officers were elected and installed
  • See the Ladies Aux page for more details
 Life Membershp Promo
  • Life Membership promo $187.50 and $87.50 savings

Officer Induction Ceremony


  AMVETS Post 90 DeKalb

Congratulations to our new Officers for Amvets Post 90.
Post Commander Bob McCall
1st. Vice Jean Henning
2nd. Vice Chad Seyller
3rd. Vice Dan BockLund
Financial Officer John Cole
Provost Marslhal Michal Bryne
Judge Advocate Paul Kallembach
Trustees Jerry Johnson, Tom Carey, Randy Smith