Read Below for information about reporting your community and verteran related activity

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What should  be reported

All Activities that support the Community or one or more Veterans needs to be reported.

This provides data used by the State and National AMVETS organizations to show the contribution made by American Veterans and provides ammunition for them to drive for maintenance of benefits and service for current and future Veterans and Military personnel.

You need to tell us the date(s) of the activity, its name, plus the amount of time you contributed to the activity.

If you donated funds, the amount should be reported.


Typical reports would be similar to the following examples:

  • Coached Little League all summer, 52 hours and paid 35.00 for treats and trophies
  • Took a veteran to Hines Jr on 4/12/15,  25 Miles driven and 4 hours
  • Gave blood on 6.12.15, 2 hours
  • Honor Guard, 8/12/ and 8/15, 5 hours 22 miles driven
  • Worked at Food Bank 9/12/15  4 hours 10 miles driven
  • Color Guard 7/4 4th July Flag Presentation 4 hours
  • Organized 4th July Flag Presentation 16 hours
  • Memorial Day, Place flags, 8 hours, 45 miles
  • White Clover, 7/15/15-11/6/15 Organized Program 87 hours